The Complete Guide to Breckenridge Mountain Biking

Put The "Mountain" ~ Back In Mountain Biking

A Cross-Seasonal Vacation Experience

Bring Kids ~ And Your Sense Of Adventure

It’s called mountain biking for a reason. And when you take on Breckenridge mountain biking, you’re sure to be in for mountains of fun. From those just looking for a scenic, leisurely ridge to those with more advanced experience on formidable terrains, there are many pathways to excitement for biking enthusiasts of all levels on the Breckenridge bike trails. You just have to know where to look. And this Complete Guide to Breckenridge Mountain Biking is a great place to start.

Need A Bike?

We've Got ~ You Covered

Of course, first you’ll need a mountain bike. If you don’t already have a good pair wheels, worry not. There are plenty of places to get your Breckenridge bike rentals both quick and easy before you begin. Many even offer lessons to not only familiarize yourself with your bike, but also to educate you on how to approach the wide variety of terrain you might encounter. Have kids in tow? Then a little variety on your vacation might be a way of keeping them interested. We recommend a Fun Park pass for when the Breckenridge mountain biking adventure loses its luster with the younger ones. Just trust us on this one.

Head to the Trails

No Shortage ~ Of Choices

Now let’s head to the Breckenridge biking trails. Like we inferred earlier, you’ll have no shortage of choices. So as we’re wont to do in this space, we’ll break down a few of our favorite Breckenridge mountain biking trails by appropriate skill level.


Trails For ~ A Right Good Time

Blue River Trail

Follow The River ~ All The Way

The name says it all. This out and back trail should take you just a little more than hour, and you’ll be following the bubbling Blue River all along the way (as well as a few ponds and creeks, to boot). A generally leisurely and level ride, there is a moderate ascent that lasts a couple hundred feet, but there are plenty of spots where you simply coast and cruise your way to mountain-biking bliss. View the specifics here.

Keystone Gulch

Wildflowers ~ And Rolling Meadows

The Keystone Gulch to Soda Creek Loop is an easy, but long, scenic mountain biking trail in Breck. About 15.5 miles overall, you’ll enjoy beautiful wildflowers, rolling meadows, and cross little creeks all along your journey. After an initial ascent, it will be relatively smooth biking for the rest of the way. Just be sure to keep in mind the elevation (it reaches just above 11,000 feet). View the specifics here.


Gorgeous ~ Panoramic Views

This short little biking trail is no short on fun! Just under a mile, Slalom is a great place for families of all ages to begin their mountain-biking experience. Recently renovated by the town of Breckenridge itself, you’ll enjoy wide-banking turns and gorgeous panoramic views. But do keep your eye out for any quick descenders on their way down! View the specifics here.


Rock ~ And Roll

Breck to Baker's Tank

Take A Tour ~ Of Breckenridge History

Mountain bikers can take a little tour of Breckenridge history on this winding trail, as this is where you’ll cross many old mining roads and historic railroad areas along the way. Be on the lookout for the biking loop’s namesake, as Baker’s Tank was first constructed way back in 1884, and then beautifully restored in 1958 as popular Breck landmark. View the specifics here.

Breckenridge to Como

Challenging At Times ~ Enjoyable The Entire Distance

A scenic ridge between two iconic mountain towns, this long, 17-mile biking trail can be challenging at times, but is always enjoyable the entire distance. Once you cross the Borean Pass, you’ll be treated to a smooth and fast descent right into the Como area. Pack lots of water and snacks for this one! View the specifics here.

Peaks Trail

Widely Diverse Terrain ~ Something For Everyone

One of the most well-known biking trails in Summit County, Peaks Trail is 15.6 miles long. Popular due to its widely diverse terrain, it really has something for everyone. And because of that, it can be extremely busy at times (for hikers as well). So please be courteous to your fellow mountain enthusiasts as you make your way from Frisco to Breckenridge. View the specifics here.


A Great Workout ~ Plus Bragging Rights

Colorado Trail

The View ~ Worth Every Pedal

This difficult biking trail winds from Copper Mountain to Searle Pass is runs just under 19 miles. There are plenty of fun bridges to cross in the beginning of your journey, and as you cross the Copper Mountain Ski Resort itself. However, it will be a continuous climb that takes you past the treeline, and you can expect snow fields, rapidly changing weather conditions, and often muddy terrain the further you climb. Prepare accordingly, but the views make it worth every pedal. View the specifics here.

Jack's Cruel Joke

The Trickiest .3 Miles ~ Of Your Life

With a funny name like this, you can expect some funny terrain on this biking trail as well. Although just .3 miles long, this is a very technical, rocky trail with many switchbacks and a challenging climb. But you’ll have the last laugh as you enjoy its unique views of the many aspens and breathtaking colors that surround you. And should you want to extend your bike ride even more, there are plenty of connections to other trails along the way. View the specifics here.

Make Sure You're Prepared

What To Do ~ To Ensure The Best Time

So make sure you’re well rested. Pack plenty of supplies. Prepare for any precipitation and be wary of your elevation. Grab your map, rent a bike, and let your Breckenridge mountain biking adventure begin. On your next Colorado biking vacation, make sure it towers above the rest.