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Each vacation homeowner has a dream, and those dreams are uniquely different. It might be sharing the unexpected joy that being with their loved ones in their well-earned property brings. It could be simply the pleasure of calling this new, beautiful destination their second home. Or it could be treasuring a week or two here and there, and enjoying the prosperity their investment represents. At InvitedHome, our aim is to always help make your home continue to deliver on those personal delights, and keep it from ever becoming a disappointment.

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The CAUSE: Home Becomes a Burden

Most homeownership burdens usually begin with poor communication. One should only be delighted by how much revenue their rental management company is generating, certainly not caught off guard by unexpected costs or unwanted repairs. When one InvitedHomeowner initially came to us, she was exasperated with being “nickeled and dimed” all the time by her (now former) rental management company. The lack of communication about the home’s care and upkeep - and the cost to her - weighed on her greatly. Realizing her relationship with this competitor could no longer continue, she actively pursued an alternative solution.

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The EFFECT: Home Is Put On The Market

The joy of owning her dream home finally seemed lost. But having come this far, hope was not. “It just became too hard to work with them,” adds this homeowner, referring to her tenure with a competitor. With revenue down and maintenance costs up, she begrudgingly put her dream home on the market. In the meantime, having had success with InvitedHome managing her previous vacation home, she decided to rejoin the InvitedHome family with her current home.

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The CASE SOLUTION: Keep Expenses Down, Drive Revenue Up

The key to keeping expenses down in any high-end vacation home begins with consistent, proactive, and regularly scheduled maintenance. Fixes in the short term lead to the absence of long-term headaches. Poor communication about the care of her home was instantly resolved with an attentive, high-touch team  and transparent solutions like HomeCraft™. The influx of income soon followed, as did a newfound trust with the unrivaled clarity of InvitedHome’s proprietary solution. As for the home itself? She is “seriously considering taking the home off the market because expenses are down, revenue is up, and our communication is much better...and the home is no longer a burden.”

In order to protect our homeowners’ anonymity, actual names have been removed to respect their privacy.

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