Strategic Owner Occupancy

To preserve both revenue and joy ~ Explore the quieter seasons

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too. When it comes to maximizing both the income and enjoyment of your beautiful vacation home, a smart occupancy strategy is the key to ensuring both work together in joyous harmony. So we asked around to our Vacation Consultants in their respective locations, which times of year they would recommend to our homeowners in their specific destinations to achieve both. And while some answers were similar due to the national events and natural occurrences like holidays, weather and school breaks, we did learn a few secrets to share with you.

Great Times...For Great Times

For smaller crowds and bigger revenue ~ Explore the edges of peak times

Most school breaks coincide with at least one holiday, and as such, are clearly the most popular vacation times for any premier destination. This much you know. But what you may not know, depending on your home’s location, there are certain tips and tricks to keeping your home available for the majority of those peak times...while still being able to spend time in your vacation rental whenever you would like.

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Mountain Destinations

Check the school calendar ~ And fill in the gaps

At InvitedHome’s ski destinations, the consensus seems to be that the dates surrounding Presidents’ Day are the busiest time in the mountains. And while it’s fun to think of a town filled with history buffs taking the time to honor the forefathers of our country, this spike in activity is mostly likely due to pristine winter climates coinciding with school vacation weeks. So, with spring breaks usually falling about a month later, between the end of February and the beginning of March is a great period of about 7-10 days where the snow is still fantastic and fewer families are able to travel.

Prefer to get an earlier jump on the large influx of crowds instead? The first two weeks of December are universally touted as a really nice time to visit as well. The slopes are typically open and full of fresh powder, and families tend to be busy finishing up school for the fall and prepping for the holidays.

In the summer months, InvitedHome’s  ground teams in mountain towns emphasize the immense beauty and flourishing nature from Memorial Day through mid-June. Others are drawn to the stunning fall colors that take over all of our Colorado locations, especially when the aspens turn yellow in late September and the flattened petioles tend to glisten in the slightest autumn breeze.

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Warm Weather Climates

Perfect any time of year ~ Just stay flexible

In Maui, right before summer holidays (late April/early May) and right after schools start again in the fall (late August/September), are great times to make a strategic escape. Looking to sneak in a quick getaway before the chaotic holidays hit? Then November before Thanksgiving week is always a lesson in serenity.

Back in the continental states in California, the spring and fall are generally less busy than the other seasons. But if you have a home in Santa Barbara, we don’t need to tell you the area is gorgeous all year round. And with its myriad all-season attractions, we’d advise Lake Tahoe owners to adopt a wait-and-see strategy to fill in gaps between reservations.

All along scenic 30A, finding the edges of the busy seasons can really help protect your revenue. Like most warmer climates, late February and the first week of March are great. But mid-August is certainly a great time as well, as many kids both young and older start to go back to school and the normally quiet Emerald Coast becomes even quieter. And should you like things a little on the cooler side, simply block off a week anytime in the fall.

No matter where your vacation home may be, with a little creativity and whole lot of flexibility, you can maximize your enjoyment of it while still getting the most out of its potential revenue. And at InvitedHome, we believe that to be the best strategy of all.

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