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Beaver Creek vacation rentals are where vacationers go to seek an upscale lifestyle with just the right amount of casual comfort. Whether you prefer a high-end estate or an exquisite townhome, Beaver Creek offers a diversity of distinct vacation rentals that will be ideal for you and your family. Those looking to be closer to Vail should head east to Beaver Creek Village, while those who want to be close to everything the immediate area has to offer should seek out Bachelor Gulch rentals.

Finding pristine skiing terrain will never be a problem in the Vail Valley area. But choosing the right Beaver Creek lodging for your family might be. From cabins that distinctly embody that European vibe to remote options that give you the privacy you covet on your next vacation, there are so many great Beaver Creek accommodations available. And at InvitedHome, our aim is to find you the perfect one.

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Staying in one of InvitedHome’s Beaver Creek vacation rentals gives you the ultimate luxury ski vacation experience. You can choose either a Beaver Creek ski in ski out rental or take advantage of the dial-a-ride service to take you to all the great skiing, shopping, and dining options that the area has to offer. And if you’re that rare non-skier in the bunch, the town of Avon is the perfect place to spend the day.

Stay in Cordillera

Cordillera is an off the beaten path gated community even further west than Arrowhead. These homes are for those who truly want to get away. It’s about a 15-minute drive to Beaver Creek itself and a 25-minute drive to the Vail resort. But once you experience the tranquility of Cordillera, you won’t have it any other way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Beaver Creek Lodging

Where should I stay in Beaver Creek for skiing?

Beaver Creek offers various lodging options convenient for skiing. Look for accommodations near the Beaver Creek Resort or in the Beaver Creek Village area for easy access to the slopes.

What are the differences between staying in Beaver Creek and staying in Vail?

Beaver Creek and Vail are both renowned ski destinations in Colorado, but they offer different atmospheres and amenities. Beaver Creek is known for its luxury accommodations, upscale dining, and family-friendly activities, while Vail has a larger village area with a vibrant nightlife and more diverse lodging options.

When is the best time to visit Beaver Creek?

The best time to visit Beaver Creek depends on your interests. For skiing and snowboarding, the winter months from December to March offer optimal snow conditions. If you prefer hiking, biking, and outdoor festivals, the summer months from June to August are ideal.

Should I opt for a hotel or a vacation rental in Beaver Creek?

Whether you choose a hotel or a vacation rental in Beaver Creek depends on your preferences for amenities, space, and flexibility. Hotels offer convenience and services like housekeeping and concierge, while vacation rentals provide more space and privacy, making them ideal for families or groups.

What is the best month to enjoy skiing in Beaver Creek?

February is often considered the best month for skiing in Beaver Creek, as snow conditions are typically excellent, and the weather is relatively mild. However, skiing is possible from November to April, with each month offering its own unique experiences.

Where should I stay in Beaver Creek for the Beaver Creek Culinary Weekend?

For the Culinary Weekend, consider staying in Beaver Creek Village or near the event venues for easy access to the culinary festivities and dining experiences.

Where is the best accommodation for the Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits Festival?

Accommodations near Beaver Creek Village or the Beaver Creek Resort are ideal for the Wine & Spirits Festival, as many of the festival's events take place in these areas.

Which area in Beaver Creek is ideal for lodging during the Beaver Creek Arts Festival?

Look for accommodations near Beaver Creek Village for easy access to the venues hosting the Arts Festival's exhibits and performances.

What are the best romantic accommodations in Beaver Creek?

Beaver Creek offers several romantic lodging options, including luxury resorts, intimate boutique hotels, and secluded mountain lodges. Look for accommodations with features such as private hot tubs, fireplaces, and scenic views for a romantic getaway.

Where can I find pet-friendly lodging options in Beaver Creek?

Many accommodations in Beaver Creek are pet-friendly, including hotels, vacation rentals, and lodges. Be sure to check with individual properties for their pet policies and any additional fees or restrictions.

Where should I stay in Beaver Creek for summer activities?

For summer activities in Beaver Creek, consider lodging options near outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and golf courses. Additionally, accommodations near the Beaver Creek Resort offer access to summer activities such as fly fishing, horseback riding, and scenic chairlift rides.